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The Next Generation
in Point-of-Care
Specimen Imaging









Perimeter is dedicated to providing solutions that drive better patient care and lower healthcare costs by providing critical information, during clinical procedures which result in greater clinical accuracy and efficiency


Point-of-care Specimen Imaging


Perimeter’s OTIS™ is a platform optical tissue imaging system that provides clinicians the ability to visualize and evaluate subsurface tissue microstructures in real time, during clinical procedures.  OTIS™ may provide critical information, when it is needed, potentially facilitating greater clinical accuracy, efficiency, cost savings, reduced patient stress and improved patient outcomes.



OTIS™ Wide-field OCT
(Optical Coherence Tomography)


The OTIS™ platform has the potential to make a significant positive impact as an adjunct tool in multiple clinical areas that rely on tissue visualization and assessment such as excised tissue assessment, biopsy assessment, tissue viability assessment for transplantation and tissue triaging selection for genomic-molecular studies and bio-banking. 

  • High-resolution subsurface image volumes of intact excised tissue specimens

  • Automated full specimen scanning

  • Intra-operative, real-time results

  • Orientation representation

  • Non-destructive analysis (preserves entire sample for pathology)

  • Interdisciplinary clinical use


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