Transforming the Specimen Imaging landscape


Who We Are

Founded in 2013, Perimeter Medical Imaging is a privately held medical device company with offices in Toronto, Canada and Boston, MA.  Our executive team of medical device leaders holds an excellent track record of successfully building companies and improving outcomes for clinicians and patients. We are passionate about providing real time information that will allow clinicians to dramatically improve care while reducing healthcare costs.



What We Do
Perimeter develops, patents, and commercializes advanced in-procedural medical imaging tools.  The OTIS™ platform provides a crucial additional dataset to the clinician to facilitate more informed decision making that could help reduce over-sampling, lower the incidence of repeat procedures, and potentially even lower mortality rates.
Perimeter’s OTIS™ (Optical Tissue Imaging System) has been designed to provide clinicians with real-time, ultra-high resolution, sub-surface image volumes across the surface of an excised tissue specimen.  By providing the ability to assess microscopic tissue structures available during the clinical procedure, clinicians finally have access to information that can allow for better decisions during the procedure.  This has the potential to result in better long term outcomes for patients and lower costs to the healthcare system.