The OTIS™ Platform

Providing surgeons, radiologists and pathologists with the ability to review tissue microstructure during surgery.


1. OTIS™ Optical Tissue Imaging Console

  • Ultra-high resolution sub surface imaging in real time

  • Automated capture

  • Inter-disciplinary use

  • Non-destructive to tissue

  • Non-toxic (no injectable agents)

  • Fits into current clinical workflow

 OTIS 2.0*

OTIS 2.0*


2. OTIS™ Tissue Immobilization System (single use consumable)

  • Immobilizes tissue for optimized scanning

  • Support orientation communications


3. OTIS™ Proprietary Imaging Atlas

  • Broad based tissue library with pathology verified tissues structure correlations


4. Next Generation OTIS™ AI Tissue Assessment Algorithms

  • Tissue assessment tools highlighting regions of interest


*** USFDA Indication for Use ***
The OTIS 1B Optical Coherence Tomography System is indicated for use as an imaging tool in the evaluation of excised human tissue microstructure by providing two dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time depth visualization with image review manipulation software for identifying and annotating regions of interest. The safety and effectiveness of this device for diagnostic analysis (i.e. differentiating normal versus specific abnormalities) in any tissue microstructure or specified disease has not been evaluated.

This device is not currently available for sale in the United States.



Clinical Examples


The OTIS™ image (top, and zoomed-in bottom left) allows clinicians to visualize tissue microstructure seen in conventional histology (bottom right). OTIS™ images are available immediately, while conventional histology is available 24 - 48 hours after specimen excision at the earliest.



Leveraging Proven OCT Technology


The OTIS™ is based on proven OCT technology that provides 10-100 X the resolution of traditional imaging modalities. OCT is broadly adopted in ophthalmology, cardiology and dermatology. OTIS™’s proprietary Wide-Field OCT imaging provides 100 X the surface coverage of any other available OCT system. Global optical imaging market growing at a CAGR of 10.7% is expected to be at USD $2.2 billion by 2025.   


Resolution Comparisons

(Sub-surface image of nail root)


* OTIS 2.0 is not available for sale. OTIS 2.0 is investigational in the US.